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About Us

Connecting People with Food

At iCookAsia Digital, we are more than a social media agency. We are a collective of food enthusiasts and digital experts, dedicated to creating vibrant food content that tantalizes taste buds and captivates audiences. For over a decade, our tailored content and social media strategies have served diverse clients, from budding SMEs to established Multi-Nationals and GLCs.

Our team's proficiency stems from a solid foundation of over 13 years in social media content production, driving engagement through meticulously crafted narratives and visuals.

A testament to our expertise is iCookAsia, our brainchild and a premier online cooking channel in Malaysia. Garnering more than 800,000 followers across various digital platforms, it  stands as our passion and proficiency in the realm of food and digital media.

Our mantra, "Connecting People with Food," embodies our belief in the unifying power of food. Through our work, we foster connections, create communities, and share the love of food, one post at a time.


Our Story

In the early days, we began our digital journey with TryMasak, the first online cooking channel in Malaysia. Through a series of engaging videos that showcased the rich culinary diversity of Malaysia, we started building a community of food enthusiasts.

TryMasak rapidly gained traction, attracting a broad audience who were inspired by the vibrant world of flavors we presented.


As the channel grew, we realized that our platform had potential beyond the boundaries of our nation. To reflect this global aspiration, we rebranded TryMasak to iCookAsia.


With our success in building a global food community, interest from corporate clients naturally followed. They saw in us not just a successful online cooking channel, but a team of passionate and experienced professionals capable of transforming digital strategies.

Recognizing this opportunity, we decided to use our expertise and passion to help others. The result was iCookAsia Digital, an agency where we apply the same principles that made iCookAsia successful to our clients' digital strategies.

Meet The Team

ezmir-ica-digital iCookAsia


Founder and Chief Strategist, guides business operations and strategically propels client projects towards success



Our Project Manager, ensures successful project delivery, prioritizing client satisfaction.



Our Content Director, guarantees high-quality content, balancing technical proficiency with creative brilliance

clients of iCookAsia

Our Clients

clients of iCookAsia , mfm cap ros
clients of iCookAsia , AYAM BRAND
clients of iCookAsia , HERNAN
clients of iCookAsia , BUTTERCUP
clients of iCookAsia , era
clients of iCookAsia , NESTLE
clients of iCookAsia , TUMIX
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