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Service/Business Partnership
of iCookAsia

Join forces with CookAsia Digital, the culinary scene's digital storytellers! We're on the lookout for skilled freelancers—videographers, photographers, content creators, video editors, and event sales/marketing professionals—who share our passion for food and storytelling. Dive into a world of delicious opportunities and help us spice up our clients' journeys with your unique flair and expertise.


Reason to partner as
Service partner!

Creative Collaboration: Work with a team that's as passionate about innovative digital content as you are.

Expand Your Portfolio: Gain exposure and add diverse, high-quality projects to your professional repertoire

Networking Opportunities: Connect with industry professionals from various fields, from F&B brands to digital marketing experts

Competitive Compensation: Enjoy fair, reliable compensation for your skills and creative input.

Growth Potential: Benefit from our expansive network and insights to grow your skills and career.

Want to be our Service partner?

Ready to cook up some digital magic together? We can't wait to blend our skills and create something extraordinary. Reach out to us with your portfolio, tell us about your passion and expertise, and become a valued part of our professional network. Let's connect and craft unforgettable culinary narratives!

Internship Program Open!

Step into the dynamic world of digital food content with CookAsia Digital's Internship Program! We offer hands-on experience, industry insights, and a fun, collaborative environment. Whether you're a budding videographer, an aspiring marketer, or a future digital strategist, our program is the perfect recipe for kickstarting your career. Learn from the best, contribute directly to exciting projects, and take your first steps in the professional world with confidence and support!

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