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AYAM BRAND Virtual Cookfest


Ayam Brand


Live Cooking Demo

Project Overview

Embark on a culinary journey with Chef Azalina, a 20-year veteran in preserving tradition. In her latest feat, she spotlights the unparalleled excellence of Ayam Brand by crafting a divine Kerabu Supit with Ayam Brand Tuna Chunks and a flavour-packed Bihun Goreng Tuna using Ayam Brand Pes Sambal Tumis. Chef Azalina's artistry, combined with Ayam Brand's authenticity, promises not just a meal but a magical fusion of tradition and taste. Join the Ayam Brand movement, celebrate culinary artistry, and savour Chef Azalina's brilliance.

Ayam Brand, Recipe, Cooking iCookAsia

Aym Brand, recipe, Cooking , iCookAsia

Our Approach

Recipe Development, Chef and Host, Live Production, Giveaway Fulfillment, Media

Results & Impact

Videos: 1

Peak Live Viewers: 52

Reach: 2106

Engagement: 4,633

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