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Ayam Brand Culinary Delights: Flavorful Innovations Featuring Exciting Contest


Ayam Brand


Live Cooking Demo

Project Overview

We showcased the brand-new Ayam Brand Cooking Paste (Pes Asam Pedas) and Ayam Brand Coconut Milk through innovative recipes, aiming to engage and educate our audience about Ayam Brand Cooking Paste. Additionally, we spearheaded the promotion of the 'Tuang, Masak & Menang' contest, Peraduan Bok Bok Raya, featuring delightful recipes such as Mi Asam Pedas and Kuih Bangkit Santan by Chef Azreen. We presented a flavorful journey to elevate the culinary experience.

Our Approach

Recipe Development, Chef and Host, Live Production, Giveaway Fulfillment, and Media

Results & Impact

Peak Live Viewers: 86

Reaction: 107

Total Views: 681

Engagement: 5,556

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