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AYAM BRAND: Live Culinary Magic Unleashed


Ayam Brand


Live Cooking Demo

Project Overview

Introducing the latest Ayam Brand Cooking Paste innovation, featuring Pes Kari Ayam and Pes Sambal Tumis, alongside the rich Ayam Brand Coconut Milk. Join us on a culinary journey with Chef Azreen as he unveils enticing new recipes, including the flavorful Kari Sardin Nanas and the zesty Sambal Tumis Kacang Peas. Our goal is not just to promote the products, but to engage and educate audiences on the versatility and delicious possibilities of Ayam Brand Cooking Paste. Get ready to elevate your culinary experience with these delectable creations!

Our Approach

Recipe Development, Chef and Host, Live Production, Media

Results & Impact

Peak Live Viewers: 87


Total View: 821

Engagement: 5,755

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